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About Us

NingBo Greenly Machinery Co.,LTD Greenly Machinery --Providing you with all of your agricultural replacement parts and service needs. NingBo Greenly Machinery Provides top Quality products including bearings, flange, grease seals, chains, hubs ,double disc openers, grain drills, Disc spools, scrapers, planter closing/gauge wheels, replacement parts for John Deere and many more.     Our product quality is second to none, but what truly sets us apart are the service and convenience we offer our customers.

Catalogue and Products

Agricultural Bearings

G15 N/M Agricultural Dry fertilizer rubber tube, Timken LM501349 Axle Bearing / JD8902 John Deere Bearing Cone,

Disc harrow square bore bearings

W208PP2 disc harrow bearings with square bore- cylindrical outside diameter, W210PPB4 Disc harrow square bore bearing,

Disc harrow round bore bearings

GW210PP3 disc harrow round bore bearing, W210PPB5 disc harrow round bore bearings,

Disc harrow flange bearing units

Flanged disc harrow bearings units, Flanged disc harrow bearings units applications,

Gauge wheel bearings

5203KYY2 GA6171 AN212132 Double row ball bearing for closing & gauge wheel, 5206KPP3 GA8603 Kinze coulter bearing for GA5641 hub, AA35638 203KYP2 John Deere 7300 series planter press wheel bearing kit, 88515240 AA35951 Gauge wheel bearing with cross hole for John Deere planter, 885154B40 AA38106 AN131668 822023 the bearing with a groove to fit gauge wheel assembly, AA59196 John Deere double roller agricultural bearing, 1989222C1 Case-IH cornhead stalk roll support bearing, 885151E T26882 526769R91 P3573 Case-IH long stem cultivator gauge wheel bearing, 885152 AA21015 AA35741 128558C91 1B07032RS GA2022 John Deere Case-IH short stem bearing with hole, 885154B AN131668 822023 John Deere Great Plains short stem planter bearing, 885118B P6310 421855M1 Glencoe MF double solid stem gauge wheel bearing,

Hex bore AG bearings

204KPP2 205KRR2 hex bore agricultural bearings, JD7126 / 204KRR2 John Deere Ball Bearing,

Special AG bearing units

Non-standard AG bearings

Tapered roller bearings

Tapered roller bearings, M88048/M88010 Bearing Tapered Roller Bearings, John Deere JD8237 Timken LM501310 Wheel Bearing Tapered Cup and Cone Set, John Deere Bearing Cone JD8988 / Tapered roller bearing LM29749/10, JD9041 John Deere JLM104948 Timken Tapered Roller Bearing, John Deere Bearing Cup JD9106 / JLM104910 Tapered Roller Bearing, John Deere BEARING CONE JD8131/469, JD7439 John Deere Bearing Cup, AH96585 John Deere Ball Bearing,

Stamped steel zinc plated mounting flanges

2 bolt hole self-aligning mounting flanges

2-Bolt hole self-aligning mounting flanges

3 bolt hole self-aligning mounting flanges

3 bolt hole round self aligning mounting flanges, Triangular 3 Bolt hole self aligning mounting flanges,

4 bolt hole self-aligning mounting flanges

4 bolt hole round self-Aligning Mounting flanges, 4 Bolt square hole self-aligning mounting flanges, Round Relube Mounting Flanges,

Stamped steel pillow block housings

Stamped steel pillow block housings


Cornhead gathering chains

Cornhead gathering chains for Agco-Gleaner John Deere Case-IH New Holland Massey ferguson

Planter and drill chains

John Deere planter chain for MaxEmerge series

Agricultural chains

A type steel agricultural chains, CA type steel agricultural chains, CA type steel AG chains,

Roller chains


Cornhead chain drive sprockets

G101219 AH101219 John Deere cornhead gathering 8 tooth sprockets, G102448 AH102448 573399 199497C1 John Deere Case NH 8 tooth chain sprockets, G85252 H85252 John Deere 8 tooth drive sprockets, 70577247 Agco Gleaner orange& black 9 tooth drive sprockets, 71391292 Agco Gleaner hugger 8 tooth gathering chain drive sprockets, A032012 Geringhoff 17 tooth lower idler sprockets, 71359125 Agco Gleaner 8 tooth lower idler chain gathering sprockets, G70595084 745023 Agco Gleaner 8 tooth gathering chain idler sprockets, AG2416 Case-IH 17 tooth idler drive sprockets, AG2437 AG2437 15 tooth Case-IH inder sprockets, G233287 H233287 H221814 8 tooth john deere upper drive gathering chain sprocket, G86837081 Case-IH 7 tooth upper drive chain gathering sprockets, 199497C1 10 tooth Case-IH chain gathring drive sprocket,

Non-standard sprockets

Non-standard machinery sprockets

Hitch pins

Hitch pins

Seed opener blade assembly

John Deere disc seed openers

AA33061 G8JDCD John Deere 8" disc covering planter wheel blade, AA58321 John Deere 8" covering disc planter wheel seed operer assembly, AA55927 AA37474 AA20242 GA8324 15" John Deere Kinze seed blade assembly, AA65248 John Deere 15" disc seed opener assembly for planter, AA53860 GA8324 John Deere Kinze 15" heavy duty seed disc opener assembly, 16LH 16" left hand spider wheel, 16RH 16" right hand spider wheel for spider cultivator, N283805 N164594 John Deere 13.5" seed disc opener blades,

Case-IH disc seed blades

90850C92 Case-IH disc heavy duty seed opener blade, 90851C92 Case-IH disc heavy duty seed opener blade, 1277891C91 Case-IH planter covering seed opener assembly,

Great plains disc double seed openers

107-135S 13.5" Great Plains disc covering double seed opener assembly, 107-133S 13.5" Great Plains disc covering double seed opener assembly, 107-229S 107-054S Great Plains 13.5" covering disc seed open assembly, 404-007S Great Plains 15" disc covering seed blade assembly, 15''X4 Drill disc assembly fits late model drills 1999 and after, 205DDS-5/8 188-001V 205VVH Great Plains grain drill disc bearing used on 107-133S disc assembly,

Planter & grain drill parts

John Deere planter parts

G37221K AA54726 John Deere rotating scraper Kit, RS315K John Deere rotating scraper kits, 2400 WFHUB Fertilizer Hub for JD Double Disc Openers without bearing, G6000 John Deere 8" notched disc covering with dust cap, G6001 John Deere 8" notched disc covering with dust cap, G6001 John Deere Case-IH 8" notched disc covering disc with dust cap, AA22977 John Deere rubber wheels fits all John Deere 7000 and 7100, A25369 A50564 GA2056 John Deere idler arm for seed drive, AA23116 GA2054 John Deere Kinze closing wheel spring with plug for planters, AA30654 John Deere planter driver sprocket, AA34259 Bearing Assembly for John DeereClutch Actuator Shaft, AA35645 John Deere 19 tooth Sprocket and bearing with standard for row unit, AA35646 Bearing Assembly for John Deere Seed Drive Line, AA33879 A28135 GB0113 John Deere Cast iron closing wheel arm stop, AA31217 GA6056 John Deere/Kinze closing wheel arm for planter parts, AA37552 AA37839 John Deere closing planter wheel arm, AA43898 John Deere MexEmerge 2 series planter closing wheel assembly, AA43899 GA3086 John Deere Kinze 1x12" planter closing wheel assembly, AA39968 GA6439 70072767 John Deere Kinze Hesston 1x12" nylon closing wheel assembly, AA46172 John Deere planter seed tube with sensor, A48290 Left hand bushing for John Deere planter closing wheel arm, A48430 John Deere right hand cam bushing for 7200 closing wheel arm, A50047 John Deere rotary scraper arm spring, A48879 John Deere opener guard, A49644 John Deere Idler arm spring for Herbicide/Insecticide drive, A51723 John Deere cam bushing for cotton special, A52062 John Deere poly idler arm, A55984 AP00178 John Deere seed tube clip, A55888 John Deere metal closing wheel bushing, A55008 GD7426 John Deere Kinze plastic idler chain drive sprocket, A53242 John Deere metal closing attachment collar bushing, A56784 John Deere plastic seed tube with large monitor hole, A56785 John Deere plastic seed tube, AA23113 John Deere liquid fertilizer spout for JD 7000 planters, A54868 John Deere planter support/ seed guard, AA41968 John Deere gauge wheel arm kit, AA39968M John Deere planter closing wheel with steel wheel halves, PLT110200 John Deere gauge wheel arm, PLT110210 John Deere gauge wheel arm, PLT110220 John Deere gauge wheel arm, AA79648 John Deere 1720 XP planter arm kit, AA54179 JOHN Deere gauge wheel arm kit, A86763 A69141 A61351 John Deere Maxemerge cast planter closing wheel arm, G78218 John Deere plastic small dust cap for seed disc opener, M123811 John Deere front wheel bushing, G36323 John Deere Kinze soybean seed guide plate, B35913 45913 John Deere double seed opener inside fertilizer scraper, AA37221 John deere rorating scraper wheel with nylon cover, A61577 GB0241 John Deere metal 1700 series seed guard with curved bracket, A80203 John Deere seed tube protector for XP row units, A64447 John Deere pin for A62182 scraper, A62182 John Deere heavy duty seed scraper, A74643 A47132 A57290 John Deere closing wheel spring with plug, A2204 John Deere planter arm bushing, AP001785 John Deere planter V slice insert knife, AA62559K John Deere tungston carbide scraper kit, AA62559 John Deer tungston carbide scraper kit with long wear, AP001985 John Deere new planter V slice insert, A69139 A55890 John Deere left hand rotary scraper arm, A69140 AA55891 John Deere right hand rotary scraper arm, APQ2550-2B John Deere gauge wheel arm kit, AH133315 RS315 John Deere rotating metal scraper wheel, AA28046 AA35876 CA2068 John Deere Kinze heavy duty down pressure spring with plug, A43609 John Deere planter standard down pressure spring, A55889 A87426 John Deere cast iron planter closing wheel arm stop, A64237 A86762 John Deere closing wheel arm handle, AA55143 John Deere planter arm pin, A52556 John Deere metal closing wheel spacer, A53118 John Deere cast iron closing wheel arm stop, A41692 GB0241 John Deere Kinze cast lower seed guard, AA67780 John Deere plastic seed tube with seal and band, AA36212 John Deere 19 tooth sprocket with bearing, AH133868 John Deere 19 tooth planter drive sprocket, AA28271 John Deere hex bore planter bearing, AA22097 205KRRB2 John Deeere hex bore bearing with curved OD, A22838 John Deere plastic seed drive idler, A22628 John Deere plastic wheel drive idler, B30969 John Deere plastic seed transmission drive idler, B30968 John Deere plastic liquid or dry fertilizer drive idler, A43610 John Deere plastic transmission spacer, A52024 John Deere plastic seed bearing housing dust cap, A82772 A62609 A58670 John Deere walking pivot set, G49465 John Deere bushing for rear lower parallel arms on MaxEmerge 2, G120831 GD1026 John Deere Kinze spacing bushing with A22838 idler, A25447 GS1035 John Deere Kinze plastic drive release handle, AA21480 204PY3 GA2014 John Deere Kinze seed opener bearing, A28518 A63534 GD1065 John Deere Kinze idler arm spring, A23789 GB0218 John Deere Kinze zinc plated parallel upper bushing, A48515 John Deere pivot bushing for parallel arms, A55880 A48302 John Deere plastic seed tube with small monitor hole, A41116 John Deere left hand tension scraper spring, A41117 John Deere right hand tension scraper spring, AA26443 GA2012R John Deere Kinze right hand planter opener scraper, AA26444 GA2012L John Deere Kinze left hand planter disc scraper, A22325 GD1085 1X12" rubber closing wheel tire with core hole, AA57466 13.5" fertilizer disc opener. Fits John Deere planters with fertilizer attachment, A25915 Bearing Sleeve for Gauge Wheel Assemblies, fits B21015 and B203001 bearing, A57058 Replacement bushing for AP54179 gauge wheel arm, 16mm hole, A22836,GD11845 Dust cap only for double disc feritilizer openers. Made of metal, Zinc covered, A24641,GD1073 John Deere planter plate. Soybean seed guide for John Deere, A36323 John Deere soybean seed guide plate, Fits John Deere 7000, 7100, 2000, 3000, Soybean seed cup replaces John Deere AA26713 and Kinze GA2031, AA28036 John Deere soybean seed guide plate. Fits John Deere 7000, 7100, 2000, 3000, B35601 Dry fertilizer rubber tube for John Deere single and double disc fertilizer openers, A62609 Rocker for walking gauge wheel. 3/4" pivot hole and built-in pivot stops, A58670 Pivot bolt for walking gauge wheel for John Deere replacement, AA25319 John Deere bowl, agricultural replacement parts, A64190, A23337 Wheel arm pivot bushing fits John Deere planters 7000, 7100, 7200, 1750, 1770, A85104, A56621, 87604612 Steel black gauge wheel half fits John Deere planter and drill, A52150 Right Hand Fertilizer Shoe for Converting Liquid to Dry On John Deere Planters, A52149 left hand Fertilizer Shoe for converting from liquid to dry, Fits Models 7200-1770, A52442 Right Hand arm bracket for dry fertilizer shoe used with G52150 shoe, A52443 Left Hand arm bracket for dry fertilizer shoe used with G52149 shoe, AA32729 14 tooth idler sprocket for 40 chain fits seed transmission on John Deere, A22884,A84050,GD1086 4.5" x 16" gauge wheel tire with standard profile offset, A84062,A77881 4.5" x 16" tire with standard profile offset fits John Deere planters, AA27780 Gauge wheel half, yellow fits MaxEmerge for John Deere replacemnet, AA21480,GA2014 Bearing fits John Deere Tru Vee™ seed and fertilizer opener, 6200108 Agricultural Square twisted link drag chain kit for planters, 24930 Sprocket for dog ratchet carrier, 57482 Rocker body with bushing and hardware, 56565 John Deere planter Nylon gauge wheel half, 8593 207-104 Bearing fits John Deere cutting platforms, combine headers and combines, CAST-XP AA73763 Cast Closing Wheel for John Deere planter, CAST-72 A47351 Cast Closing Wheel to fit MaxEmerge2, Monosem, John Deere, A82832 John Deere planter Single Disc Opener Boot,right hand Liquid Fertilizer Shoe, G82833 Left hand Liquid Fertilizer Shoe used on John Deere single disc, A52156 Right hand Liquid Fertilizer Shoe used on John Deere single disc, A52157 Left hand Liquid Fertilizer Shoe used on John Deere single disc, AA32776 G52776 12 tooth idler sprocket for 50 chain used on John Deere planters, B30966 FC6007 Roller bushing for use with idlers, 1-1/2" long, RE343685 T-Nut, plastic grip for John Deere planter, H24085 John Deere planter Scraper, Outside for Double Disc Fertilizer Openers, AP8833 closing wheel Kits assembly for John Deere 7000 series, AA35392 John Deere planter Gauge wheel assembly, John Deere Gauge Wheel Assembly G211864, G41359 Gauge wheel assembly for John Deere planter 7000, John Deere planter gauge wheel assembly G66604, A89397 John Deere planter 1x12'' cast iron closing wheel, CJ13975 Ball bearings for John Deere planters, 203JD AA34132 AA35638 203KYP2 Special agricultural bearing for John Deere planter, John Deere Wheel AA64754, A81731 John Deere Semi-Pneumatic Tyre 3 X 21 for 1820 1830 and 1835, John Deere AA31452 Ball Bearing, A24484 John Deere agricultural Bushing,

Case-IH planter parts

Great plains planter and drill parts

13.5” x3.0mm drill disc assembly, 13.5" Seed opener assembly for Great Plains grain drills, Dust cap for coulter hub, replaces GP No.200-001D, Scraper, Left Hand, For Great Plains Drill, Scraper, Right Hand, For Great Plains Drill, 203KRR2 Press wheel bearing for Great plains parts, 817-084C Great plains Green nylon pivot bushing, 817-025C Great plains planter nylon sprocket, 205DDS-3/4 188-007V Great Plains grain drill disc bearing, 205 series row unit disc bearing, AA30941 Disc harrow bearing kit with 1-3/4'' round bore center shaft for John Deere and Great Plains, 807-076C Down presser spring, Great Plains precision planter for models 2020P 2520P 2525P, 807-088C Closing wheel spring, Great Plains precision planter for models 2020P 2520P 2525P, G107-111D Dust cover for Great Plains seed disc opener for 205 series bearings, 204PY3 820-003C 822-011C 204 Series seed opener bearing with 5/8'' hole, G953 Universal shank bracket for 1''X3'' flat bar, 600340808 G1193 Great Plains ripper point , BHC parasoil, 500333301 G787612 U-bolt for clamp assembly, G589-258 Spider wheel for Great Plains, 822294C W211K57 Great Plains Agricultural Disc Bearing, Great Plains WEAR SHIN 1 1/4" PARABOLIC Part Number 820-285C,

John Deere grain drill parts

205DDS 3/4 188-007V John Deere Great plains grain drill dis 205 series bearing, 205DDS 5/8 188-001V John Deere Great plains grain drill dis 205 series bearing, 205DDS5/8-BR Great Plains John Deere 205 series hub and bearing assembly with 5/8" hole, AN281241 John Deere seal triple lip for seed hub, N282118 John Deere right hand spindle for seed hub, AN282119 John Deere Left Hand Spindle For Seed Hub, N282218 John Deere right hand press wheel spring, N282219 John Deere left hand press wheel spring, N283432 John Deere right hand grain drill seed boot, N283433 John Deere left hand low grain drill seed boot, N283730 N284044 John Deere right hand seed boot, N283731 N284045 John Deere left hand seed boot, N283994 John Deere right hand torsion spring, N283995 John Deere left hand torsion spring, N282110 CAST1890 cast iron closing wheel, AN213060 CAST750 cast iron closing wheel, AN282374 John Deere gauge wheel arm, AN280725 John Deere open spindle with depth adjustment plate, N218646 N216540 John Deere grain drills outer upper pivot bushing, N284086 John Deere grain drills topper inner bushing for press wheel arm, N280485 John Deere leaf tension spring for seed boots, N280446 John Deere ductile iron heat treated right hand seed boot, N280447 John Deere left hand ductile iron grain drill seed boots, N280648 John Deere top inner bushing for closing wheel arm, AN282117 John Deere depth shaft arm, N282296 John Deere 1x10" V shaped seed press wheel assembly, N282536 John Deere inner upper pivot bushing, N282788 John Deere right hand seed boot for grain drill, N282789 John Deere left hand cast seed boot, N283636 John Deere outer upper pivot bushing for opener arm, John Deere CR12437 oil seal, AN213072 538266 John Deere cast closing wheel seal, AN213544 John Deere 750 drill hub with cap, CR14975 John Deere grease seal fordisc hub, N283804 N214190 John Deere 18" single disc opener blade, AA38447 AN280966 AN281359 John Deere 1x10" seed press wheel and tire assembly, N219547 John Deere outer bushing for closing wheel and opener arm, AN214510 John Deere torsion spring for 750 and 1850 press wheels, AN214511 John Deere torsion spring for 750 and 1850 press wheel, LH, AN281813 John Deere bearing for AN281813 single disc opener hub, AN281856 N283291 John Deere 1890 seed hub assembly with bearing, Cast iron hub N219700 for single disc opener, fits for 750 and 1850, John Deere No-Till Grain Drills LDS & SMALL Bore Seal AH21815 CR13569, John Deere No-Till Grain Drills Bearing Kit JD8253 JD8933 B13294 N219000 AA44267, John Deere no till drills B13294 Hub seal, front, 2-5/16'' O.D., John Deere No-till Grain Drills Snap ring for G281813 bearing 40M7229, CN280486 N216539 John Deere Inner/upper pivot bushing for opener arm, G49P 1X10" Great Plains grain drill press wheel, G46P 1X10" Great Plains grain drill wheel with steem bearing, A84062 A77881 4.5" x 16"gauge wheel tire only for John Deere planters with XP row units, AA22884 John Deere AC White Kinze Planter Offset Gauge Wheel Tire 4.5" X 15.5", John Deere No-till Grain Drills Steel Gauge Wheel Half A85104, John Deere Case-IH New Holland No-till Grain Drills Nylon gauge wheel half A56565, GA6171 5203KYY2 AN212132 Double row ball bearing with 5/8" ID for closing & gauge wheel, 6006RK AA38601 Row Cleaner Bearing, 205RVA, 205KRP2 Special Agricultural Bearing for John Deere drill, 203KRR2203RRAR10 JD9214 Gauge Wheel Bearing for wheel hub kit, A35638 John Deere Closing wheel bearing kit, GD1-11 Grain Drill Tooth for conventional and no-till drills, N282843 John Deere 1560 Grain drill seed deflector strap, G219982 John Deere Poly strap for Seed Boots used on 750, 1590, 1690, 1850, 1890, 1895, 1990, N234484 Late Model Pivot Bushing for John Deere No Till Drills, CR16284 John Deere grain drill grease seal, John Deere Tillage Parts Pressed Flanged Housing - A34792,

Kinze planter parts

GA6614 AA6614 Kinze Gauge wheel planter arm kit, 204PY3 AA21480 GA2014 204 series seed open bearing for John Deere White and Kinze, 5203KYY2 GA6171 5203VVAN AN212132 Double row ball bearing with 5/8" ID for closing & gauge wheel, GA8322 Closing wheel arm for Kinze built 1993 and later, GA2052 AB10071 Down pressure spring with plug for Kinze row unit, GA2012R AA26443 Kinze John Deere right hand planter scraper, GA2012L AA26444 Kinze John Deere left hand planter seed opener scraper, 88515240 AA35951 Kinze John Deere gauge wheel bearing with cross hole, 885152 GA2022 AA35741 AA21015 John Deere Kinze water pump bearing with hole, GB0239 Kinze metal eccentric bushing for GA8322 shank, AA38447 AN280966 AN281359 John Deere 1x10" seed press wheel assembly, GB0282 Kinze hex stepped bushing for G8322 shank, heat treated, AA28046 AA35876 GA2068 Heavy duty down pressure spring with plug for Kinze planter, G23116 Closing wheel spring with plug for John Deere model 7000 7100 and Kinze prior 1993, G5877 GD1114 Kinze U-bolt for mounting plate on parallel arms, GB0219 A48430 Eccentric bushing optional with use with G31217 and GA6056 style arm, 5206KPP3 GA8603 Kinze coulter hub bearing for GA5641 hub, A61577 GB6241 Kinze and John Deere seed guard for planters, AA43899 GA3086 1''X12'' Planter closing wheel will fit JD 7000 7100 and Kinze row unit, AA39968 GA6439 854262 1''X12'' planter closing wheel for Kinze and John Deere planter, GB0254 Closing wheel adjusting lever for Kinze 1993 and newer, GA7975 Kinze left hand gauge wheel arm fits 3000 series, GA7976 Right hand Gauge wheel arm fits Kinze 3000 series, A55008 GD7426 Kinze plastic idler chain sprocket for 1700 series planter unit, AA30654 GA2057 John Deere and Kinze planter drive sprocket with unit bearing, GA6056 FC6012 AA31217 Closing wheel arm for John Deere and Kinze, AA26713 GA2031 John Deere and Kinze plastic soybean seed cup, A25369 A50564 GA2056 John Deere/Kinze Idler arm for seed drive chain tightener on vacuum and finger, A22325 GD1085 Closing wheel rubber tire with core hole for John Deere and Kinze planter, AA33879 A28135 GB0113 John Deere Kinze Cast iron closing wheel arm stop, G36212 GA1720 Kinze and John Deere planter 19 tooth narrow chain sprocket, 4.5" X 15.5" Gauge wheel tire with standard profile offset for John Deere and Kinze planter, A41692, GB0241 Seed tube protector lower guard casting for Kinze and John Deere planter, GD8249 Kinze down presser spring for parallel arms, Kinze 10940 Planter Machine Bushing 1" (.048" Thick), GB10991 Seal for Kinze Gauge Wheel Arm, Kinze GB0276 Planter Bushing, 1" I.D. x 11/4" O.D. x 1", GB0504 Kinze Seed Tube Guard,

Tillage parts

John Deere replacement Parts

John Deere disc axle for 1 1/8" square hole, AA28184 DS209TTR-13 GW209PPB13 John Deer round shaft bearing for AA30941, AA28186 DS211TTR-20 John Deere diisc harrow round shaft bearing for AA30942, AA30941John Deere disc harrow bearing kit, AA30942 John Deere Disc 2-3/16" Harrow Bearing Kit, A20006 John Deere disc scraper blade, N188675 John Deere spring steel finishing strap link, 276SE 516713 John Deere black wire pick up baler tooth, 257SE 64562 John Deere green wire hay rake tooth, D10025 John Deere metal transport wheel hub dust cap, AN183318 John Deere 6 bolts transport wheel hub, AN183318K John Deere 6 bolt transport wheel hub assembly, AN183629 John Deere heavy duty double disc spool with 9" spacing, A34103 John Deere disc slack washer with square hole, A13208 John Deere hipper bumper washer with 1-1/8" square hole, A15142 John Deere bearing spacer for N26032 hipper, N241234 John Deere heavy duty disc half spool, AN240886 John Deere 630 and 637 right hand scraper arm, AN240887 John Deere 630 and 637 left hand scraper arm, N241152 John Deere metal 7" wide scraper blade, N241200 John Deere 630 and 637 disc right hand standerd gang, N241201 John Deere 630 and 637 disc left hand standerd gang, N241202 John Deere 630 and637 disc U-bolt for standard gang, A20647 John Deere disc sleeve for 7 1/4" spacing spool, A20648 John Deere disc harrow sleeve for 9" spacing spool, B34203 John Deere disc sleeve for 9" spacing spool use with 1-1/4" axle, B34204 John Deere disc sleeve for 11" spacing spool, A25694 John Deere disc bumper washer with squre hole, A37024 John Deere 230 disc end washer with squre hole, AN183748 John Deere disc harrow double spool heavy duty, B34211 John Deere disc 5" and 9" spacing spool, A28474 John Deere wear guard for 630 disc bearing, John Deere A35642 spirol roll pin for G38364 scraper arm, A38364 N242551 John Deere disc blade scraper, A16690 John Deere disc washer for cast iron bumper, A15143 John Deere 1-1/8" x 12-1/2" gang/hipper axle with NC threads, A25097 John Deere disc hipper v bolt, A15144 John Deere disc hipper spool, A15145 John Deere disc hipper spool, N240970 B32410 John Deere heavy duty disc half spool, AN240518 John Deere disc harrow full spool with 9" spacing, AN260397 John Deere disc harrow double long spool with 11" spacing, N241314 A37023 John Deere disc spool, N241315 A20621 John Deere disc harrow half spool new style, N241318 FC648 A20622 John Deere disc harrow new style spool,

Case-IH replacement parts

G468607 Case -International Gang disc Axle, 121119C92 Case-IH right hand front (left rear) scraper assembly with shank, 121120C92 Case-IH left hand front (right rear) gang scraper assembly with shank, 129753C1 Case-IH heavy duty wear guard, 129532C2 Case-IH gang bearing standard, 139918C1 Case-IH 9" full spool for 1 1/2" round hole axle, 468584R2 Case-IH bumper washer with1-1/8" square hole, 86518393 Case-IH New Holland plastic bushing, 86518392 Case-IH New Holland plastic bushing work with 86518393 together, 121118C1 Case-IH disc blade scraper, 112410C1 Case-IH disc long sleeve, 472592R3 Case-IH disc harrow double spool with suqre hole, 101191C1 Case-IH 4" round hold disc spool,

AMCO replacement parts

17004 AMCO small round end bell, 17005 AMCO round hole large end bell, 17006 AMCO large square hole end bell, 17007 AMCO disc small square end bell, 17010 Amco disc large end bell for 1.5" square axle, 17014 AMCO disc small spool for 1.5" square axle, 17027 AMCO disc short spool for 1.5" square axle, 17029 AMCO disc long spool for 1.5" axle, 17030 AMCO Long spool for 1-1/2" square axle, 17031AMCO double spool for 1.5" square axle, 17032 AMCO disc bearing housing with GW211PP3 bearing, 1222A AMCO disc end washer for 1-1/2" axle, 16003 AMCO disc bearing housing, 16014 AMCO disc bearing housing, 3180 AMCO disc hipper spool, 10489 G112NF AMCO 1-1/2" nf nut, G3430 AMCO base for pillow block, G3431 AMCO cap for pillow block, G9902 Amco large end bell for 1-1/2" square axle, G3416 Amco bearing housing for 1-1/8" square axle, G100104 G4924 AMCO washer, housing for 1-1/2'' axle, GW211PP27, DC211TTR27 G1233 AMCO disc harrow bearing, AM3181 Amco Hipper Spool for 1-1/8" axle, W210PP4, DC210TT4, 7AS10-1-1/8,10446,10778,NH86548582 Amco Disc harrow bearing, Cast Iron Bearing housing for Amco G3090 trunion assy, G3090 AMCO bearing and housing assembly with DC211TTR21 bearing, GW211PP3, DC211TTR3 Bearing for 203715 housing with square bore, A34101 Case-IH AMCO disc gang axle bolt lock with round hole, G15143 John Deere/Amco hipper Axle with 2 NC threads, G11064 Snap ring fits housings replace AMCO 1064 Sunflower 3094,

W&A replacement parts

203713 W&A Round top spool for hipper, 203715 W&A disc bearing housing, 203717 W&A disc concave end bell, 478029 W&A disc spool work with 1-1/2" axle, G11064 1064 3094 W&A snap retaining ring for 203715 housing, Bumper washer for W&A hipper for 1-1/2'' aquare axle, WA8302 478302 W&A 1-1/2 square X 13-3/4 Axle, GW211PP3 481213 W&A bearing for 203715 housing with 1-1/2'' square bore, JD9350 DC208TT5 G208PP5 W&A Disc harrow bearing with square bore use on disc Bedders, 41193 W&A V bolt 5/8'' for tool bar with W&A 407012 clamp,

KMC/KELLY replacement parts

P5713 06-057-013 KMC/Kelly bearing housing for peanut digger tillivator & ripper painted green, 06-057-002 5702 KMC/Kelly disc bumper washer , green, 06-057-003 5703 KMC/Kelly disc convex spool, 06-057-004 5704 KMC/Kelly disc peanut spool, 5705 06-057-005 end washer for KMC/Kelley peanut digger tillivator&ripper, 5709 06-057-009 KMC/Kelly 1-1/8" Square axle, 03-057-014 RM01 KMC/Kelly peanut digger hub, 03-081-084 RM05 KMC/Kelly heavy duty split sprocket, RM06 KMC/Kelly Wear shin, RM07 KMC/Kelly wear shin, RM09 KMC/Kelly heavy duty split idler, RM011 16-051-011 KMC/Kelly disc hub for strip-till coulter, RM204 KMC/Kelly wear plate, RM205 KMC/Kelly wear plate, 06-024-006 KMC/Kelly disc harrow bushing for G5713 bearing housing, 205PPB7 205TTH BS217948 KMC Lilliston cultivator bearing with 15/16" bore, Wear shin replaces for KMC RM208, G001 06-050-001 JD32184 KMC/Kelly bearing housing snap ring, 205NPP9 205TTB Bearing for KMC & Lilliston Cultivator,

BHC replacement parts

Bingham/Tye paratill replacement parts

A15143 Bingham gang.hipper axle, 1-1/8" square thread 12 1/2" long, Bingham/Tye Paratill U-Bolt hold shank on tool bar G344612, Shank bracket for Tye Bingham fits 1''x3'' flat bar shank, 6101822 9021844 Shear bolt, machined bolt 1-1/8'' x 5-1/8'' for Tye Bingham, 4 bolt hub with cap for Tye Bingham G633 627142 564019, Ripper point Bingham paratill 681-002, G681003LH 681-003L left hand insert Bingham paratill, G681003RH 681-003R right hand insert Bingham paratill, G681004LH Left hand upper shin Bingham paratill 4140 steel HRC 46-52, G681004RH 681-004R right hand upper shin Bingham paratill, G681005LH 681-005L Left hand lower shin Bingham Paratill, G681005RH 681-005R Right hand lower shin Bingham Paratill, Foot piece for Bingham paratill, replaces#6810066 and 6810067, Shatter plate Bingham paratill G681007, G3745 End washer for Bingham disc hipper, G13208 Bumper washer for Bingham hipper with square hole,

Sunflower Replacement parts

SN3094 1064 Sunflower snap ring for bearing housing, SN2816 Sunflower short double disc spool, SN3090 Sunflower Kinze bearing housing assembly with DC211TTR21 bearing, SN3091 Sunflower Amco bearing housing only for G3090 trunion assembly, SN3108 Sunflower disc long double spool, GW211PP25 Sunflower bearing for SN3090 bearing housing assembly, GW211PP37 Sunflower disc harrow bearing, MWPIN Sunflower M&W 1/2" splined pin, SN10161 Sunflower spike for harrows 3/4", SN4924 100104 Sunflower shield for bearing trunion assembly, G3107 Sunflower long disc spool with 5-1/2'' diameter base,

Other brands replacement parts

41207 TF627053B New-Holland rawson zone building shin, 206GGH 206KPP16 Disc bearing for Orthman Super Sweep Cultivator, GW209PPB22 DS209TTR6P 1927110 Krause disc bearing asssembly with rubber ring, 2555-115 2900 Yettercast iron hub with cap, GW211PPB21 DS211TTR23 Krause bearing assembly with rubber ring, Center Bolt-on Tooth, Used on Hitchhiker, G17622 Agricultural nylon cap & base only for Crary Air Reels, GE501839 Stationary knife Stubble Cutter For Geringhoff Rota Disc, GE501251 Rotating knife for Geringhoff Rota Disc,

Combine parts

John Deere combine & cornhead parts

H153898 John Deere lower idler cast support, H84479 John Deere lower idler cast support new style, 08H4219 John Deere bolt for compression spring, N61703 John Deere tension spring for lower idler sprocket, N104096 John Deere cornhead stop idler, H151211 H146158 John Deere gathering chain guaid, AH101219 John Deere cornhead gathering chain sprocket, AH102448 199497C1 John Deere Case 8 tooth lower idler sprocket, H85252 John Deere 8 tooth chain drive sprocket, G85252HT, 70577247 Agco 9 tooth drive sprocket, 71432138& 71391292 Agco gleaner gathering chain drive sprocket, H148223 John Deere ploy urethane ear saver, H166852 John Deere poly ear saver, H233287 H221814 John Deere upper drive chain gathering 8 tooth sprocket, H179000 JOhn Deere poly composite auger finger, E40203 John Deere poly bearing kit with bolt and but, H87044 John Deere plastic auger finger, H87192 John Deere steel finger holder plate guide, FC6106 John Deere reel arm for reels with wood bats, AN102266 John Deere stalk roll lower seal, 71351081 KHC110 Agco Hugger Corn Head snapping roll flute, AH231386 John Deere 600 cornhead lower idler chain gathering chain, AN102006 John Deere input spur oil seal for 40-90 series cornheads, H144503 John Deere 40 series lower idler strap, AN102009 CA555-48-C6E-8 John Deere endless cornhead chain with chrome pins, AN102010 156816C91HPS102GPE John Deere Case cross auger combine bearing, 032012 Geringhoff 17 tooth lower idler sprocket, H204080 H207985 John Deere plastic snout, H104090 John Deere right hand snapping roll with tapered flutes, H104091 John Deere left hand hard face snping roll, 137987 MacDon polyfinger for D50, 60 70 flatforms, 105212 MacDon D50,60,70 platform poly finger, G97031 John Deere combine flat flanged idler, AA27146 Sprocket for hopper drive, 11 & 19 tooth (standard rate), JD9415 Bearing for upper snapping roll shaft, fits 40 series and 90 series, JD9900 Needle bearing for lower snapping roll shaft, fits 40 series and 90 series, H94952 Deckplate, right or left, fits for 40 series s/n 466451 and up, A36734 John Deere chain gathering sprocket,Left Hand. Agricultural replacement parts, A36735 John Deere Right Hand chain gathering sprocket, agricultural replacement parts, AA43277 Idler update Kit, including G55008 sprocket,G25369 Idler arm, bushings, washers, and so on, AH103303 Idler sprocket, 11 tooth fits John Deere 50A series row crop head, AH77172, AVI-64, 71194299 John Deere V idler, Replaces John Deere AH77172 and AGCO 71194299, AH94450 Flat flanged idler, replaces John Deere AH94450. O.D.9” I.D.5/8” WIDTH:2”, N14393 Bevel Gear, 18 Tooth with Hex Bore, Fits John Deere 50-50A Series Row Crop Bean Head, H84480, H135290 Center snout point,steel, interchanges with plastic or steel point, AH101339 Drive Sprocket, 11 tooth, spline bore. For John Deere bean head model 50A Series, AH101340 Drive Sprocket, 11 tooth and 12 tooth, ,spline bore. For John Deere bean head model 50A Ser, AE27909 ,AFH205780 Idler Sprocket, 15 teeth. Fits John Deere 50 & 50A bean head, AH117552 Sprockets, 12 teeth with flange spacer fits John Deere 50 & 50A Bean Head, AH117558 Sprockets, 12 teeth, Without flange. Fits John Deere 50 & 50A Bean Head, JD39104 Ball Bearing, Fits John Deere Combine models, JD8665, TN4651, 041547, 050302, 051680, 1308951 John Deere straw chopper bearing, 10448 John Deere combine replecement ball bearing, 214862 205-100-2RFW JD9273 AH79775 John Deere Ball Bearing, 30118 N/M Row clutch assembly with couple, 102036 Jaw with 1-1/8” hex hub for row clutch, 102023 John Deere cornhead Jaw for row clutch, 102042 John Deere Trust washers, fits 40 series and 90 series, 151491 John Deere Spring for row clutch, fits 40 series and 90 series., 102041 Retainer plate fits 40 series and 90 series, 28277LH John Deere cradle with G36734 sprocket, 28277RH John Deere cradle with G36735 sprocket, 135290 H84480 Center steel snout point, 112074 112074A1 Sickle Section for Case IH Grain Heads, Fits 820, 1010, 1020, AN102009 CA55548C6E-8 agricultural Gathering Chain fits John Deere Case-IH New Holland cornhead, AH233138 John Deere Cornhead chain with pusher lug every 6th pitch, H204080 H207985 Plastic snout fits for John Deere 40-90 series cornhead, 71359125 Gathering Chain Idler 8 tooth Sprocket, Hugger Head, G70595084 745023 Gathering Chain Idler Sprocket for AGCO and John Deere, N102036 John Deere Jaw with 1-1/8" hex hub for row clutch, John Deere sprocket for dog ratchet carrier A24930, John Deere gathering chain tensioner strap fits JD cornhead 606,608,612, AH153175 John Deere combine poly reel finger with screw for use on platforms with pipe reels, AH153176 John Deere Combine 6" Spacing poly reel tine, H175727 John Deere pipe reel bearing for John Deere, Case-IH, New Holland, AGCO, H175727K John Deere combine Pipe Reel kit with bolt and nut bagged, G40649 Stalk stomper spring for John Deere combine, JD8593 207-104 John Deere combine, cotton picker bearings, G27520 John Deere combine nuts and bolts, H153157 Wear plate, 6.5" for John Deere combine, G169914 John Deere combine finger, H169913 John Deere Spring Locking Pin for combine, H162662 John Deere auger Finger for 200 & 900 Series Combine, Ball bearing JD39103 for John Deere combine,

Case-IH cornhead & combine parts

1327159C1 Case-IH cornheader stalk roll small shin, 176278C1 Case-IH cornheader upper drive chain gathering sprocket with roll pin hole, 176301C2 Case-IH snapping roll drive coupler for cornheader, 176386C91 Case-IH stalk roll drive shaft oil seal, 199408C1 Case-IH stalk roll small shim 0.032"SN for cornheader, 199497C1 Case-IH upper drive chain drive gathering sprocket for cornheader, 199491C1 Case-IH cornheader stalk roll driven shafe grease seal, 199884C1 Case-IH cornheader stalk roll driven shaft oil seal for bevel, AG2416 Case-IH 17 teeth idler single pitch sprocket for cornheader, AG2437 Case-IH 15 teeth idler single pitch sprocket for cornheader, 199806C1 Case-IH stalk roll large shim 0.032" SN for cornhead, 381721R91 Case-IH gathering chain drive shaft oil seal, 86837081 Case-IH 7 teeth upper drive chain gathering sprocket for cornheader, AN102009 176279C91 CA555-48-C6E-8 John Deere Case-IH NH endless chain with chrome pins, 1327126C1 Case-IH stalk roll tungsten coated and heat treated knife, 86526475 Plastic ear saver (deflector) for Case-IH 2200 and 2400, AH153175 1989438C1 71367261 9842263 John Deere Agco Case-IH poly finger with screw, AH153176 John Deere Gleaner Case-IH New Holland 6" tine spacing poly tine finger, H175727 John Deere Case-IH New Holland Agco pipe reel bearing, 40649 stalk stomper spring, 1989222C1 Case international cornhead pump bearing, Case-IH Extended Wear Chrome Alloy regular rotor bar, Case-IH Extended Wear Chrome Alloy regular rotor bar, without spike, 1308425C1, 410719A1 Case-IH plastic hub, Lower idler support Replaces CIH No.86611369, 176237 176237C1 199376C1 Case-IH Cornhead and combine Point for outer snout, 176227 199375C1 176227C1 Case-IH Point for center snout, 87375653 Gear for Case-IH cornhead and combine, 1312476 Agricultural Case-IH long auger bed finger, 175114C1 Agricultural Case-IH short auger bed finger, 86507777, 700705296, 86507777DS, 850716 bolts and nuts for standard straight hole sections, 1313156K 1313155 1313157 Sheet Metal Flooring Kit for Case-IH 1020 cutting Platforms, 86518392, 86518393 Plastic reel shield bearing kit,

Cotton picker parts

John Deere cotton picker spindles

John Deere cotton picker assembly

G62559K AA62559K John Deere tungston carbide scraper kit

Flail knives and related parts

Alloway blades and chopper parts

50530001 Alloway blade, 50530008 Alloway D-rings, 50530224 Alloway side blade made in tungsten carbide, 50530445 Alloway U bar ,heat treated, BHC Bazer 61105 flail blade, side knife, 720512 special shoulder bolt, 61137 BHC Balzer bushing for 61105 blade, 720512 Rhino special shoulder bolt zinc plated, Rhino flail bushing heat treated hard faced 724710, 724714 Rhino flail blade with heat treated, 61105 LK0050 BHC & Bazer flail blade,

Other agricultural replacement part

CI2996 Chrome insert, 1100 Foresty city do all harrow link, GZ180131 62547C1 John Deere Case Wiilrich do-all harrow link, WCP6000 cast iron point fits for Hiniker cut, BBY5514 deep groove ball bearing, JH-2020 drawn cup caged bearing, H61910NS Un verferth 64321B new style crowned point, 3K819 3K809 Brillion wear shin for Land commander and compaction commander, 6K797 6K888 Brillion reversible long wear shin, H619110CC Underferth Rawson zone builder boot point, QCRS Nichols style retainer spring, Kewanee B2951 disc bearing wit housing, 65947B 12" wear bar for un verferth parabolic shanks with 4 mounting holes, H213405 Long-short-long standard guard with two long points, H213508 Short-long-short standard guard for John Deere, AH214869 Auger Finger, poly composite, 600F and 600R, H205318 John Deere poly auger finger,replace John Deere H205318, DR12340 Olimac Dragon Steel dust cap, DR9340 Olimac Dragon plastic support, DR9060 Olimac Dragon plastic support, DR10120 Olimac Dragon chain, agricultural replacement parts, 61137 Bushing for BHCD Blade, agricultural replacement parts, N/M flail balde, made of 65Mn steel, agricultural replacement parts, N/M Pipe attachment tooth, agricultural replacement parts, N/M Headed tooth, 3/4" square; 15" overall length, V-bolt, 3/8" dia. For use with SHSQ11 spike tooth. Fits most harrows; for John Deere, N/M Support, agricultural replacement parts, N/M Harrow tooth, 3/4” square, 12” overall length head, N/M Retainer spring with heavy duty, agricultural replacement parts, N/M Tube protector, agricultural replacement parts, N261138 , N262622 Shin (shank protector) for JD rippers with cushion trip standards, N/M Hardware kit with braces included with a complete scraper kit, N188780 Split bushing replaces John Deere agricultural parts, N233669 Split bushing for John Deere agricultural replacement parts, N231875 Split bushing for John Deere agricultural replacement parts, HOHH12 Single Bolt-on Harrow tooth, Used on Hitchhiker, LBI, M & W and other harrows, Agricultural Pickett 4 bar pickup, Pickett 8 bar pickup with offset tines, Coil tine, CASE-IH and DMI 3 bar harrows, Coil tine, CASE-IH and DMI 4 bar harrows or combo rolling basket with 2 bar harrow, Agricultural machinery replacement Flange bushing, Agricultural machinery replacement Toyota bushing, Agricultural CASE-IH and New Holland screw, CASE-IH and New Holland bolt,carriage, G312659 Agricultural Zinc plated R ring, G88586 Agricultural machinery replacement bolt, 1994758 Agricultural Case-IH Centering ring, 1322242 Agricultural Case-IH Casquillo, 1256784 Agricultural machinery replacement Idler, G3 Agricultural machinery replacement Threaded Bolt, 1”x10” rubber press wheel, core hole, 1”x10” Agricultural rubber press wheel, V-shape, G12 Agricultural replacement Hub only, G13 N/M Agricultural replacement Plastic plate, G14 N/M Agricultural replacement Gauge wheel half, G16 N/M Agricultural machinery replacement Plastic bushing, G17 N/M Agricultural machinery replacement Plastic plate, G18 N/M Agricultural machinery replacement Plastic dust cap, G19 N/M Agricultural machinery replacement Oil seal, G20 N/M Agricultural machinery replacement Oil seal, G50606100 N/M Agricultural replacement Zinc plated stop, 1307280 Harvester Case-IH/New Holland knife clip, N169489 John Deere heat reated bushing for N188675 strap, Harrow tooth for MCFARLAND, 8-1/2''overall length including 2-1/2'' threaded shank, 7/16'' NC thread, TF09581760 Shank Protector for DMI- NH minimum residue Shin, Blue Jet replacement fall point, made of chrome cast material reinforced with Nickel for longer wear, TF801600 Shin for Blue Jet Subtiller made of cast chrome for longer wear, Cast chrome ripper point to fit blue Jet stsubtillers, it is narrow spring point, 2''x14'', 2757 Forrest city hipper axle include nut and lock washer, AE47389 AE24593 John Deere rubber Mounted rake tooth, R740S Case-IH raker tooth for models rake 160 170 f170 all 1939 and up, G1207 Gopher Point for agricultural machinery replacement, Shin (Shank protector) for Case-IH Mulch Till Ripper replaces Case-IH 87549262 and 87700394, Olimac Dragon bolt DR9070 G9070 HIgh Quality Steel, DR12320 Olimac Dragon bolt, Olimac Dragon Bolt with Washer DR11070 High quality Steel, Agricultural machinery spare parts John Deere plastic wheel N211285, Agricultural machinery spare parts John Deere plastic spout N280829, 1-1/2'' stainless steel fertilizer tube G112TSS, G17404 Nylon Base Only for Crary Air Reels, 54829-00 U-Clip for Agricultural machinery replacement, AP-501226 Agricultural machinery replacement Poly Fitment Shim, N283801 John Deere agricultural machinery replacement Nut, N283800 John Deere agricultural machinery replacement Nut, 104884-CIH Agricultural machinery replacement Slack Washer, G12747 Heavy Dudy Nok on Bracket for all 47 degree shanks, P4292B Agricultural Bolt For P4292K,

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